A band from Lennoxville QC.

From here to there and back again

20 years. Wow... It's been a while... 20 short years ago a band was formed in the unassuming, non-metropolis town of Lennoxville, QC. A university band named CLAY began what would be quite a journey. The beginnings were modest to be sure, but the town itself and people at Bishop's University gave us more than a fighting chance; They gave us inspiration. Inspiration to write our own music and tell stories. It probably began with the story of the town which was larger than life at a time when inspiration kept our eyes wide open; Lennoxvegas. The journey then took us by van through all sorts of small towns across Canada. We would continue to write and publish music. On Marigold & Zenia we recorded The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald as a nod to our folksy leanings and some Canadiana but complete with overdrive. We took to the road again & again & again meeting many new friends. Towns we hadn't heard of before but remain etched in our minds since. Our Final Chapter, The Karaoke Hero is a true biography. As a band we would say it demonstrates our best work... Pushing eclectic boundaries, new instruments, more fun, better songs and more revealing of the people we had become. We hope you take a moment to give a listen. It's easier now in this digital age to share our music than the side-stage CD and Cassette slinging we did back in the day.

Clay Music